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Basement Design

There are many different types of stairs that can lead down to a basement, from traditional wooden flights to bespoke designer styles. Often it needs creative thinking to determine the best place to situate them, and we can help you with this. Exterior access is often required as well, especially if the basement is to be turned into a self-contained flat, or for fire escape purposes.

We have our own highly experienced in-house design team, who will meet you and fully discuss your requirements, and undertake the full planning process.

Basement Plans

Basement plan

It is very important to create and plan your basement carefully. There are many factors to consider, including:

  • lighting
  • head height requirements
  • heating
  • means of escape and access

Basement Stairs

There are many types of stairs that can be designed to maximise and create a stunning conversion, we have many ideas and suggestions depending on your requirements.


Basement Lighting

Natural Lighting

As Sarah Beeny said this is the most important aspect to a successful basement conversion. There are many ways to light a basement with natural light, from lightwells that can have either windows or doors to external courtyard areas, or from sun light tubes, or mirror shaft, the photos shows just how effective a mirror shaft can be if fitted correctly.


Artificial lighting

It is so important to get this correct, and is an exciting part of the basement planning.
The photos show the different moods that can be created from a dual basement lighting systems. The central LED spotlights give a crisp white light and the LED wall wash system creates a much softer atmosphere. We have lots of ideas and experience to help you create something very special.



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