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Charity Ball

It is alway a pleasure to assist worth while charities. It was a pleasure to support the Alexander Devine charity which was set up in the memory of their son who died of brain tumour at the age of 8.

Ours is just a story of an ordinary familywho were blessed with an extraordinary little boy.
The journey that was to change our lives began in November 2001 when our precious first child was diagnosed with a brain tumour at just four years of age, there is nothing in this world that can prepare you for such a trauma, and life is never the same again.
Alexander was a very bright and funny child; he loved life and his family very much and had wisdom far beyond his years. He was to call upon all his great qualities in the years to follow.
Once given a diagnoses like this, about your child, the grieving process starts immediately, your whole world is consumed by hospital appointments, doctors, nurses, operations, treatments, scans, stays in hospitals, etc. You are on an emotional roller coaster that you have no control over and cannot get off.
Our son endured four and half years of operations, treatments and therapy and sadly died at the age of eight.
It is through our experience and many months of research and speaking with as many relevant professionals and authorities in this very specialised area of care that we knew, there was no doubt, Berkshire needed its own Children’s Hospice, and so we began the next chapter in our journey and the undertaking of realising Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice Service.
The word hospice is not a word that many relate to with happy thoughts, and I much prefer the Latin ‘a resting place on life’s journey’ but it is a word recognised by all. I know from our experience that you cannot go into a children’s hospice and not be filled instantly with love, laughter, happiness and tears. There is a huge amount of living that will fill a special home, like ours. That is what we are all about, providing a safe place for all, a place to be yourself and have a safe pair of loving arms around you, as much or a little as you need them.
On this remarkable journey we have been privileged and honoured to meet many amazing children and their families, supporters, volunteers, groups and benefactors, from all different walks of life, this has been the legacy our son has left us and we in turn know that our commitment is lifelong.
Thank you for being part of this journey, a journey that will continue on with your help and support……..
Fiona & John DevinePremier Basement Charity Ball
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