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Double Your House – New Basement in Clapham

Double Your House for Half the Money

Beginning-of-BasementA couple who had only recently moved in together found they had a chronic lack of space.

Moving was out of the question due to the price of property and they desperately required more bedrooms as they only had one.

Also the bathroom was at the back of the kitchen, a long way from the bedroom at the front of the property.

After exploring their options they decided to excavate a basement under their house.

They contacted Premier Basements and a plan was put into action.

It was decided to create 2 double bedrooms, one with an en-suite bathroom along with a family bathroom and also somewhere for the washing machine and tumble drier.

There were interesting moments as the wheels were put into motion, with a complicated deed of variation required via the council due to it being a leasehold flat. Also planning issues arose and were overcome along with numerous party wall agreements. These were all put into place and the work started swiftly.

Access was difficult and the soil was removed via skips in the road.

Kitchen-Clapham-The results were stunning!

There are now 2 superb bedrooms, one with an external courtyard area with a glass walkway above, also a bathroom and en-suite and the laundry area.

Upstairs has been transformed, the old bathroom removed and walls removed and bi-folding doors fitted opening onto the rear garden.

A new kitchen has been fitted along with velum windows, giving the whole room a light and airy feel.

The flat was valued at £440,000 before the work commenced. The total spent was £170,000 and the property was valued at £800,000 after a period of just 8 weeks.


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