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Why convert my basement?

Increase your living space without using valuable land and garden space or having to move. Conversion costs should be weighed up against the costs of selling, buying a larger property and the moving costs. Very often people do not actually want to move away from an area that they know to find more space. Basements can be used for a multitude of uses such as for a games room, home cinema, gymnasium, home office, bedroom, etc.

Will I need planning permission for my cellar conversion?

Converting an existing residential cellar or basement into a living space is in most cases unlikely to require planning permission as long as it is not a separate unit or unless the usage is significantly changed or a light well is added, which alters the external appearance of the property. Excavating to create a new basement which involves major works, a new separate unit of accommodation and/or alters the external appearance of the house, such as adding a light well, is likely to require planning permission. If you live in a listed building you are likely to need consent for internal or external work.

Who will arrange my plans and planning permission?

If you have not employed an architect then we are happy to take you through the planning stage of your basement conversion, appoint structural engineers and liaise with the local authorities for all planning permissions and compliance with building regulations.

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