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New Basements Construction

We undertake the entire basement construction including all excavations, muck away, formwork, steel reinforcing and the waterproofing concrete works.

We design the project in regards to the size and location and there are a number of deciding factors including;

  • Site conditions
  • Soil type
  • Proposed use of basement
  • Basement construction type (substrate material)
  • Necessity to protect against soil contaminants / ground gasses

Premier Basements enable you to free up space that you were unaware of. We can create what you have only dreamed of for your house, by planning, constructing, and completing your vision. Premier Basements are a young and vibrant team with over 20 years of knowledge. We produce basements that are light, airy and can be used for many purposes. These basements could increase the value of your property by an astonishing 30%, and give you endless possibilities for modern living, as well as increase the square footage of your house. We are approved contractors for numerous waterproofing systems.


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