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Huge Basement Excavation in Clapham London

The size of the basement that you can construct under existing houses is amazing. This retrofit basement in London will transform the existing property, and the basement will increase the size of the house by a third. The value of the property will of increased by several hundred thousand pounds after the cost of the retrofit basement works have been accounted for. This is why basement extensions in London are so popular when you take into the account of moving house.

New basement being undertaken in london. Basement underpinning has been completed

New basement being undertaken in london. Basement underpinning has been completed

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Basement Lightwell In Hackney London

Getting light into retrofit basements is very important and plenty of light creates the feeling of space. Some rooms require less light than others and if the rooms are predominately going to be used as bedrooms rather than living space it is less important. There are many ways to lay the rooms out and maximise what light there is, and the correct layout makes the difference between a great basement and an average basement. It is the simple things as to where things are located, for example cupboards and built in wardrobes can be in darker corners, whilst office desk should placed where there is more light, especially is a lot of reading is going to be undertaken. The photo shows an basement digout that we are currently constructing and the basement lightwell that we are fitting is simply huge which will bring in an enormous amount of light.

Basement Underpinning Hackney

Basement Excavation in London

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Why basements are easy to keep warm

Basements are not only easy to heat, but when fitted to existing properties one of the must common comments is that the remainder of the house is becomes warmer. Why is this you may ask. Simple, when you excavate a new basement in London beneath an existing property, the basement is not only fitted with a waterproof membrane system which is also draught proof but it is insulated on the walls and floor and also the ceiling. this prevents the historic underfloor ventilation from cooling the ground floor and preventing draughts between the floorboards and therefore reducing the properties heating bills.

Retrofit basement

Basement excavation hackney. Basement extension London

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Superb New Basement Completed

A stunning new basement digout out has just been completed which looks superb. It follows the character of the existing house and has lovely high rooms giving it a light and airy feel. There was only a small existing cellar which was used to store the coal many years ago. The entire footprint of the house was excavated creating 2 huge rooms and a large bathroom.

New basement

Retrofit basement SW1


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It makes financial sense to fit a retrofit basement and dig down

Basement envy puts Fulham street at top of ‘digdown’ table

Residents on a street named one of Britain’s hotspots for basement excavations today claimed the financial benefits of extending are so great that it’s “inevitable” that anyone who can afford to will get one.

Analysis of planning applications has revealed that more “digdowns” have taken place in the area around Peterborough Road in Fulham than probably anywhere else in the country.

Seven basement planning applications have been filed for properties on the road in the past year alone, while on some neighbouring streets it is difficult to find a house that does not have a basement extension.

Applications regarding basements have gone up by 42 per cent in Hammersmith and Fulham in the last two years.

Estate agents say a basement extension in the area typically adds £1 million to the value of a £2 million home.

Residents said that space there is so valuable that anyone who can afford to build an extension will do so. Kenny Laurenson, 49, a creative director who lives in the area, said: “The cost of doing a conversion is far less than the value you’re going to put on the property.

“Sooner or later everyone realises that, it’s inevitable. If you can afford to do it, you’re going to do it.

“If you see someone else getting one done you’ll probably get one done as well.” Mother Selina Craver, 43, said the lack of garden space in the area gave people little option, saying: “That’s the only way with these houses, to extend down or up.”

Silvia Benini, 42, who works in fashion and is currently on maternity leave, added a basement extension as part of a complete renovation when the family moved in. She said: “We’ve got a big family, need more space and it will add more value to the property.

“I don’t think it’s just this street, it’s the whole area. If you turn the corner and go down Studdridge Street and further down there you will find lots of building sites, people doing extensions.

“Property in this area has gone up a lot recently so as well as adding space it’s a good investment opportunity.” Ann Rosenberg, 72, who runs Brooks Blues Bar in Hammersmith, said basement extensions were a fact of life for the area.

She said: “It’s not noisy for me but it is for my neighbour on the other side. There are quite a lot of basement extensions further down.”

Ed Mead, director of estate agent Douglas & Gordan, said the increased value of a house with a basement extension makes it a “no-brainer”.

He said: “If you had a property worth £2 million, you would be putting the value of the house up to £3 million with an extension. It would probably cost about half a million to build.

“Which is why it’s a bit of a nightmare moving to a street like that. Before you move it’s worth checking if your neighbour has built a basement extension yet, because if they haven’t they probably will do soon.”

Property experts said the area’s good schools and proximity to Chelsea attracts buyers, especially those who can’t afford Chelsea. They said the increasing numbers of foreigners moving into the area had given it a more “funked up” feel over the last five years.


Basement Excavation London Retrofit Basement London

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Double your House for Half the Money October 15th 8pm Channel 4

Episode 9 – Hertfordshire and Clapham. Another stunning creation by Premier Basements on Channel 4, 15th Oct at 8pm.

In Clapham, South London, Stephen and Tara are feeling the squeeze and want to dig out their basement. But once digging commences the costs start to spiral.


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Basement Swimming Pool and Gym

Basement extension, basement gym

Basement excavation, basement underpinning, retrofit basement

A stunning basement swimming pool and gym is being constructed under the owner patio at a luxury home just outside of London. The Basement swimming pool will have access from the house and will have large Bi-folding doors that open onto the garden. Excavation is well underway and check back for regular updates on this exciting project.


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Clapham Retrofit Basement on Channel 4

One of our latest superb basement excavations is to be shown on Channel 4’s popular programme “Double your house for half the money” and is to be shown on prime time TV, Channel 4 at 8pm on October the 15th. The story is full of dramas and is a must watch episode if you are thinking of a basement dig-out because what can be achieved is simply amazing. Find out what went on behind these hoardings in an action packed 12 week period.

basement company hammersmith

Basement extension london, basement underpinning clapham


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Rewarding Testimonial

A Testimonial Received from another happy customer yesterday.

Hi Roger,

How are you? Hope all is well?

Since my flat was finished I have been really busy so not had chance to contact you. I just wanted to say a big Thank you.

The purpose of this email is that I felt all the work was finished and I never really spoke to you to say how pleased I was with it all. I am delighted with my basement and the new space it’s afforded me.

Your foreman is a gem and you are really lucky to have him working for you.

Anyway, I hope all goes well for you and especially in renewing your wedding vows which is a lovely thing to do.

Thanks once again,

All the best,



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Premier Basements Filmed for new Channel 4 Series

We are just at the beginning of being filmed for a new series of “Double your House for Half  the Money” on Channel 4. The project is a retrofit basement excavation in London and already is full of high drama. We cannot discuss any details but we are working to a incredibly tight timeframe and will make excellent TV viewing. Watch this space. We were filmed doing a basement in Bristol last year for the same series.

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