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Stunning Basement Lounge/Cinema Room

These couple of pictures show a recently completed Basement Lounge/Cinema room in London. A stunning space has been created which is light and airy, and the owners are delighted at how easy it is to heat in comparison to the rest of their property. The room has a full cavity drain membrane system fitted ensuring that it is draught free and dry.

Basement Company London

Basement excavation

Basement extension London
Premier Basements Cinema Room

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Retrofit Basement Excavation In London

This is just a picture showing how a basement digout in London, or retrofit basement excavation can be carried out while the owners live happily above undisturbed. All the excavation work, the basement underpinning, the waterproof membrane system and the lightwells, plastering etc will all be carried out beneath them causing them little or no disturbance. The additional

Basement Excavation London

basement being excavated beneath existing house in London

space gained we be 5 large rooms, turning this into a truly stunning property.

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How to get Natural Light into Retrofit Basements of Basement Conversions

Getting natural light into a basement can be challenging in some circumstances, and in other cases no even possible. But if there is an area outside where a lightwell can be excavated

Basement Excavation for Basement Lightwell in Retrofit Basement

Basement Lightwell with Bi-folding doors

Glass Railings to Retrofit Basement Lightwell
Large Basement Lightwell in London Basement

the results can be amazing by the amount of natural light that can be obtained. The lightwells that have glass balustrade around them achieve the maximum amount of light.

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Basement Membrane System

The attached photo shows a membrane systems installed in a retrofit basement digout. The walls are now insulated, and then boarded. Cavity drain membrane systems are the most cost effective way of waterproofing basements.

Basement digout hammersmith, retrofit basement Berkshire

Basement company berkshire, basement company Surrey, basement company buckinghamshire

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Basement Retrofit Underpinning

The attached pictures show basement digout or retrofit basements as they are commonly known underway. It is under taken in a strict sequence and in accordance with the structural engineers calculation and drawings. Basements can be excavated under most homes as well as under the garden too. The next stage is to fit a cavity drain membrane system after the concrete floor slab has been laid and sealed.

Retrofit basement, basement digout,

Basement underpinningBasement Company London

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Superb Basement Living Space

The results and extra apace that can be achieved by retro fitting a basement is amazing. Moving the Kitchen and Dining area into the basement which has been excavated is a popular use of the space. It is possible to make these great spaces light and airy as can been shown in the photos. Contact us to make an appointment and we will come and see you and show you what can be achieved

Basement Excavation Bucks, Basement Conversion Windsor, Retro Fit Basement

Basement Excavation Company Maidenhead

Basement extension london,basement digout hammersmith,
Basement underpinning Clapham, basement underpinning fulham

Basement company chelsea, basement company hammersmith
basement company fulham, basement company surrey, basement company windsor, basement company berkshire, basement company harrow

Basement underpinning, basement construction, basement excavation
basement dig under house in hammersmith and fulham. basement constructed under existing house in london, specialist basement underpinning contractor

Basement extension London, Basement company London
Cellar conversion London, cellar underpinning london, cellar conversion company, cellar conversion costs

How to get light into a basement
Basement lighting ideas, basement lightwells, basement doors


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Basement Excavation, Basement Dig Out in Progress In Buckinghamshire

It is always interesting in the many different types of soil encountered when carrying basement excavation or retro fit basements. The attached photos show the soil conditions which is chalk on a recently started project in Marlow in Buckinghamshire. This project will give the customer additional bedrooms and a bathroom beneath their existing home. Premier Basements carry out basement excavation works and basement waterproofing using a wide range of specialist materials.

Basement Dig out Hammersmith, Basement excavation London, Basement Underpinning

Basement extension and basement waterproofing

Basement Conveyors in action during basement dig out in berkshire
Basement excavation specialists

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Basement Flooding as Results of Recent Weather

We have been called out to 6 basements over the last few days as a result of basements flooding, in one instance the basement has been flooded 3 times since August and another instance the basement has been flooded twice in the last 18 months. In both instances they had been tanked with a cementitious

Basement waterproofing London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire,

Basement waterproofing solution, basement waterproofing contractor, Basement membrane system.

system which had failed. The most fail proof waterproofing system for basements is a cavity drain membrane system, although this has to be installed to a specification as recommended by the manufacturer. If you have a damp of flooded basement will we be happy to attend and provide a solution and quotation for the necessary works.

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Basement Dig Outs Proving More and More Popular

Basement digouts, retrofit basements, basement excavation or whatever you wish to call them are proving more and more popular, especially in and around London. The true cost of moving is expensive when you take into account the stamp duty and the other associated fees, and if you live in a area you like, why would you want too. You can create extra additional space by simply excavating beneath your existing home. Premier Basements take care of the complete project including the necessary consents and permissions so you can sit back and relax. Contact us for a free quotation and survey and let us discuss what can be achieved.

Basement Company London, Retrofit Basement, Retro fit Basement

Basement excavation company,

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Basement Excavation – Retro Fit Basements

Many people are still unaware that basements can be constructed beneath their existing homes, even when they do not have any form of existing basement. They tend to be called Retrofit basements, or basement excavation or construction. Premier Basements have a wealth of experience in this area and can offer free advice and surveys, to see what can be achieved. We cover Southern England, including all of London and the home counties. Such basements can be used for bedrooms, home office, gym, cinema room, kitchen, games room, swimming pool, music room, the list of endless. Contact us and see how we can come up with something magical for yourselves, by creating a basement beneath your current property

Basement Construction beneath existing property.

Basement conversion, basement construction, basement excavation


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