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Warwickshire Basement & Loft Conversion

Excavation and underpinning works have been completed in the Warwickshire basement conversion – to increase the head height and allow space for insulation of the floor.  Safe exit requirements in case of a fire are to be resolved with a fire sprinkler system on the ground floor, given the lack of a suitable lightwell on the roadside for fire escape purposes. Cavity drainage membrane has been installed, with perimeter drainage channels and a pre-formed sump with submersible pump.  Insulation and plasterboarding are currently underway.

Furthermore, we are also in the process of converting the loft space into a further bedroom.  The floor joists have been upgraded and the original purlins replaced with steel purlins.  New velux windows are to be installed and then the roof can be insulated and boarded.

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Underpinning completed in Hampshire Basement Conversion

The underpinning works to the external walls have now been completed and passed by building control.  Excavation of the floor is currently underway to increase the headroom.

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Excavation and underpinning works underway in Hampshire Conversion

Excavation and underpinning works are fully underway on a basement conversion project in Hampshire.  One room requiring full excavation and underpinning, with the insertion of a RSJ to support the floor above, and a second room requiring a partial excavation for additional headheight.

Premier Basement Conversions have been involved from arranging the initial plans and structural calculations, to now undertaking the structural works, including the excavations and underpinning. We will follow on with the waterproofing and also the final finish of the completed and useable additional space in the basement.  Please do check back regularly, and follow our progress, as we strive to load regular updates of our current projects and news.

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