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T: 0333 444 0148


We will arrange for one of our experienced surveyors to carry out a survey of the site, discuss your requirements and the project, and look at the best solution for your basement.  Following the site visit we will usually be able to provide a preliminary quotation for your project within a few days.

We will undertake the structural design of the basement together with any associated works above.  Then we will discuss in detail your fitting-out and finishing requirements to produce a comprehensive design if required.  Alternatively, we will also work with your contractors to provide the structural design, waterproofing and drainage works only.

During the whole process your project manager will work closely with our teams through all the stages from the initial structural works, to the waterproofing and the finishing details.  Ensuring that your basement is delivered on time and within budget.

Using only the best quality materials and products available, we can undertake any project and ensure that the final product is delivered on time and within budget.  We will liaise with the Local Authority Building Control Department as required to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Building Regulations and the appropriate British Standards.  Any electrical and gas works will also be carried out by the appropriately qualified engineers.

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